Monday, May 12, 2014

Dinners in Paris

cheese, baguette, flan, paris, dinner, eric kayser
Dinner Night 1: cheese, baguette, flan
Paris is a city full of decadent food. Restaurants usually have prix fixe menus and meals can easily take up to 2 hours as you enjoy three or four or more courses. Most prix fixe menus are actually a pretty good deal compared to ordering à la carte, but can quickly add up as lunches run from €15 up and dinners average €30 on the low end.  Since we were staying in Paris for 9 nights, we decided to rent an apartment studio with a kitchen so we could eat the majority of our dinners at home.

eggplant quiche from Rose Bakery, salad, copa, cheese, yogurt, paris, france, dinner
Dinner Night 2: Rose Bakery eggplant quiche, salad, copa, baguette, cheese, yogurt
foie gras, fresh bread, cheese, copa, butter
Dinner Night 3: foie gras, baguette, cheese, copa, butter
We had one "fancy" dinner out to experience traditional French food, one homemade dinner at a friend's place, and many "simple" dinners in our studio.  I loved each and every one of them, especially our dinners at home.

Dinner Night 4: foie gras, cheese, baguette, salad
Dinner Night 6: spinach salmon quiche, foie gras, butter, cheese, baguette, salad with sardines
Almost daily, we'd line up with locals at a nearby boulangerie to get freshly baked bread warm from the oven.  We'd stop by the market to get cheese, veggies, foie gras, wine, and anything else that caught our eye.  Add in our brick of Bordier butter and a dessert from some patisserie and we had a lovely meal before us, enjoyed in the comforts of our rental.

homemade blanquette veal vegetables paris france
Dinner Night 7, at friend's place: homemade blanquette with veal and vegetables
Dinner Night 8: baguette, cheese, roasted white asparagus, foie gras, Midnight in Paris movie

One of the things I was looking forward to about Paris was eating fresh bread and cheese each day.  I can say that was successfully accomplished! :)


  1. YUMMM can't wait to do this when we go to Paris soon!!

  2. Mannnn that looks like THE way to do Paris. I am so itching to go again!! Bread, butter, cheese, and pastries. Bring it.