Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Costco dinner...

After a week plus of honeymooning bliss in Costa Rica, we returned home to an empty fridge filled only with leftover libations and random condiments.  Off we went to our favorite store, Costco, to stock up on some edibles and other unintended purchases.  Our first formal meal (aka not packaged ramen and candy) in our new home was made possible entirely thanks to Costco.  Sun-dried tomato panko breaded tilapia filets, sauteed french green beans and carrots, and a Mediterranean couscous blend.  The tilapia filets came pre-breaded from the fresh fish section and developed a nice crispy crust with simple pan frying.  We sauteed the veggies with just garlic and olive oil.  For the couscous, we used chicken stock in lieu of water to impart more flavor and also mixed in some sauteed garlic.  It's nice to be home. :)

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