Friday, February 10, 2012

New beginnings!

Something very exciting and thrilling happened to me lately.  I've been waiting and longing for it for over a decade.   I almost can't believe it's happened and it continues to feel surreal.  After 10+ years of constantly housing with 3+ girls, I finally own kitchen. 

My own fridge with its entire capacity free for me to use at my disposal.   Is there such a problem as too much empty fridge space?  I'm sure that will be easy to remedy.  My own sink, free from unclaimed dirty dishes and wide open for washing veggies and filling stockpots.  My own counter space with ample open surfaces for food preparation and ready to be adorned with my own appliances.  My own cookware and tools, freely purchased and used without fear of unintentional mistreatment or negligence.  It's all for me and mine, mine, mine!!  I's all ours. :)

You see, even more exciting than my new kitchen is my new marriage.  My boyfriend, turned fiance, turned newly-married husband and I are incredibly thrilled that God's graciously brought us together in marriage.  As we start this new season of life together, it's been fun setting up our new home and every time I think about our own kitchen I cannot help but thank God for how we even got to this point.  From the generous hearts of our family and friends, we are excitedly stocking our kitchen from new tongs to a new toaster oven.  Plus a long-coveted KitchenAid stand mixer!!  I'm looking forward to the many food adventures to come!          

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