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Review of Costco Hawaiian Poke in California

Poke Bar hawaiian california costco bay area san jose
Hawaiian Poke at California Costcos
By now most of you in California (at least in the Bay Area, Orange County, or San Diego) have probably noticed Hawaiian Poke making appearances at your local Costco.  The list of stores seems has been growing since my initial sighting in April and it sounds like their test period has been successful - the poke bar may be here to stay.  A recent trip revealed that poke prices run around $16.99/lb to $17.99/lb for varieties of ahi tuna poke and $11.99/lb for shrimp poke.  The poke bar may or may not be a stable addition to your local Costco.  I've seen some places carry it consistently each week and other places carry it only occasionally whenever the blue seafood kiosk is in the store.
Poke bay area costco
Poke in the Bay Area
So, how does the poke compare?
Honestly, it's been far too long since I've been to Hawaii to make a direct comparison to the poke from Hawaii's Costco (hint hint, time for another trip!).  I've had Costco's poke on two occasions in the Bay Area.  I tried the Ahi Wasabi Poke and the Ahi Shoyu Poke.  They were good, but I wasn't particularly impressed.  The portions of tuna were sizable and fresh but the lines of fat running through each chunk were tough and made it harder to chew.  This texture really distracted from my eating enjoyment.  Both pokes could use more flavor.  The shoyu poke had a strange slimy feeling about it that left a fatty coating feeling on my tongue.  It tasted all right, but the texture and slimy coating made it unpleasant.  Maybe I picked it up too close to the end of the day.  Or maybe Costco is still working out some kinks.  I'll probably give it another try in the next month or two and see if it's any better.

At the end of the day, I saw the leftover poke packaged up and placed in the prepared food section.  There were no additional discounts on the poke so I wonder who would buy leftover poke when you could probably get it (more) fresh from the seafood kiosk.

Have you tried Costco's Hawaiian Poke?  What did you think?  Where else is a good place to get poke nearby you?

California Costcos that carry Hawaiian Poke:
Note: Poke availability may vary by location.  Some stores always have it while other stores only have it occasionally when the blue seafood kiosk is there.

SF Bay Area:
Costco Almaden
5301 Almaden Expy
San Jose, CA 95118

Costco Sunnyvale
150 Lawrence Station Rd
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Costco Santa Clara
1601 Coleman Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95050

Costco Northeast San Jose
1709 Automation Parkway
San Jose, CA 95131

Costco Fremont
43621 Pacific Commons Blvd
Fremont, CA 94538

Costco Danville
3150 Fostoria Way
Danville, CA 94526

Costco Concord
2400 Monument Blvd
Concord, CA 94520

Costco Downtown San Francisco
450 10th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Costco Redwood City
2300 Middlefield Rd
Redwood City, CA 94063

Costco Mountain View
1000 N Rengstorff Ave
Mountain View, CA 94043

Orange County:
Costco Tustin
2700 Park Ave
Tustin, CA 92782-2708

San Diego:
Costco Carmel Mountain
12350 Carmel Mountain Rd
San Diego, CA 92128

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  1. The Poway Costco has it on the shelf every Friday by noon in the deli section. My favorite is the Wasabi Poke and for me it's far better than anything else in the area. I get my poke fix every 2 or 3 weeks. Islands used to make poke as an appetizer and that was pretty good but it didn't stay on the menu very long. So far it's Costco's Wasabi Poke for me!! It's better than some of the island poke I've had.