Wednesday, December 9, 2015

New beginnings again! And fettuccine nests.

Aah, yet another year plus has passed without a post!  What can I say, life has been full.  Work picked up speed, free time went to maximizing our last year as a family of two, and now any extra time is spent resting and catching up on chores while our little monster sleeps.  The cooking and baking hasn't stopped, though the degree of difficulty and experimenting has sure plateaued.  Hopefully it'll slowly pick up speed again.  I'm inspired by my many mom friends (of multiple kids!) who still seem to cook and bake just as much as pre-kid days!

In the meantime, we were at Costco last week and saw this new item: Spinach and Egg Fettuccine Nests by Monte Pollino, made in San Francisco.

Bag of fettuccine nests from Costco
Each 3 lb bag comes with 8 fettuccine nests for $8.99.  Two nests were the perfect amount for dinner for the two of us, though the husband eats double portions (and loves pasta) so two pasta nests could probably feed 3-4 average eaters.  We really enjoyed this pasta!  We cooked it with a lemon garlic spinach sauce so I couldn't really taste the egg or spinach flavor as distinctly.  The noodles are slightly thicker than normal fettuccine, thus giving it a great bite or "QQ" texture.

This might be a local SF Bay Area Costco product and possibly seasonal.  It's a little more pricey than the standard Costco pasta, almost 3 times the cost actually since you can get almost 9 lbs of spaghetti for $9.99.  If this were a regular product I would probably alternate between this and the regular pasta.  Since it might be limited though, I'll be picking up another bag if I see it again next trip. :)