Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hello, again!

I've unintentionally taken a hiatus from this blog for nearly a year now.  A lot has happened in that past year, but in all honesty it has been pure laziness and distraction that has kept me from new posts.  Life distracts me somewhere between cooking, snapping pictures, transferring pictures to the computer, and coming up with something interesting to write.  Some highlights from the past year:
  • Job searching.  Since moving to the Bay Area a little over a year ago I have been searching for a new job.  It's been quite an emotional and mental roller coaster, often overflowing into other areas of my life.
  • Becoming a homeowner!  The process towards our new condo was horrendous but we are extremely grateful for our new place.
  • Taking far too much time to paint our dining table and chairs.
  • Discovering how much I love the Showtunes station on Pandora.
  • Taking new food adventures around the Bay Area.
  • Visiting NYC for a high school friend's wedding and food.
  • Visiting SoCal over Christmas time and eating our fill in Las Vegas, LA, OC, and SD.
  • Spending 9 glorious days in Paris!  Yes, it was all you'd expect it to be - simply amazing and full of deliciously baked breads and stinky cheeses. 
I'll elaborate on some of these highlights in future posts, but for now I leave you with some favorite memories from the past year. 

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